How to Make Friends in your Twenties !

I have quite literally set myself up on a series of friend speed dating since moving. Moving to a new area is tough as it is … add in the occasional case of winter blues, the lack of workplace comrades and a baby and you are setting yourself up to lose your mind if you don’t have a great girl gang behind you supporting you every step of the way.

I have set myself up to get drinks with women my age who don’t have kids, I have set myself up on meetups to watch my current favorite show (The Bachelor), I have gone on a blind date mom brunch, I have scheduled play dates, gone to a mommy mingle play group and even met girls for coffee.

My overall experience has been nothing short of amazing. I have been able to connect with awesome women all while exploring my new area.

My advice to anyone/everyone moving to a new area without their besties in their luggage would be the following;

  • Google … Google … Google … (Yes – Google is not always the most reliable resource BUT in this case more often than not it can and will point you in the direction of great blogs, great Facebook groups, endless yelp reviews + will have you feeling like an IT girl in no time.) That is how I found the lovely coffee grabbing – friend making location of Bluestone Lane , located in the heart of Hoboken, NJ !
  • JOIN … JOIN … JOIN … Start clicking those Request To Join buttons like nobody’s business. Join Meetup Groups on the Meetup App, Join Facebook Groups geared towards your favorite hobbies etc. in your area. Once you are approved – LET PEOPLE KNOW ! Make a post expressing that you are new to the area + want to make some friends. You will thank me later ! I can assure you that your inbox will start filling up with other woman who are in the same exact position in no time.
  • Lastly, STAY OFF YOUR PHONE when you are walking around your new area for the first few weeks. This piece of advice is more of a personal preference … and yes, some of you may be eye rolling BUT give it a try. Say hi to your neighbors as you are exiting your building or passing by them in the parking garage instead of having your head down staring at your phone. You are much more approachable if you are present and not in la la phone land.

xoxo kylie

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