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Hardwood Floors.

Us millennials know a thing or two about hardwood floors. For starters, we know that carpets + rugs should compliment and ONLY compliment a quality hardwood floor.

Why, you ask ?

Aside from the combination of old-world beauty and modern elegance that hardwood floors encompass they produce the greatest level of functionality when compared to other flooring options. Hardwood floors are more stain resistent, durable and can be repaired and refinished. In additon to this, harwood floors have a much better return on investment and can add up to 2.5% increase to your existing home’s value !

If you are local to the fabulous state of New Jersey and are interested in hardwood floor installation, restoration, sanding and/or refinishing look no further than the flooring experts at Selecta Flooring.


It may be tempting to choose a chain supplier when you finally pull the trigger to install hardwood floors. However, this may lead to a process and finished look that you are not proud of OR even worse a finished product that later needs to be repaired or fixed due to a number of outliers. This route typically ends up being costlier in the lon run and more time consuming.

Choosing local installation from Selecta Flooring will ensure that you have the guidance, care and help if any issues arise all conveniently located nearby. Selecta is local to Union Conty, New Jersey are and understand the specific needs and desires home owners in this state have. Selecta is knowledgable of NJ building codes AND they can easily guide you in the right direction when choosing wood and finishes that will withstand and NJ’s unique seasonal climate and remain protected all year long.


Selecta Flooring is owned and operated by Scott McDarby and Michael Shults. Together, along with their team of experts they focus on yielding high-end custom hardwood flooring for boh residential as well as commercial projects. They can instantly make a house look stylish and beautiful within a few hours. With a wide variety of finishes, textures and woods to choose from, it’s no wonder that the hardwood floors they install are quickly becoming a huge flooring choice with so many new homeowners and even refreshing new homes. Not only are they gorgeous, but super easy to care for, durable with kids and pets, eco friendly and even more hygienic than having laminate or carpet. 

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A main complain that some homeowners do talk about when installing hardwood flooring is how quickly it can become damaged, especially if you have small children or animals. With recent advancements in wood finishes and refinished technology, the hardwood flooring that Selecta Flooring installs is extremely resistant to both dents and scratches! With the correct protection, your flooring and can WILL stand up to all the daily routines you have going on. Carpets are truly one of the worst things you can have in your home because they can hold on to mold, and dust even if you repeated vacuum day after day. There truly isn’t an amount of shampoo or deep conditioning that can remove all those allergens that hide in the carpet which makes it impossible for allergies to settle. Your answer? Hardwood floors- for you to truly get a deep clean and be able to add the benefits of a happier and healthy home to your list. 

Selecta Flooring’s craftsmanship and attention to detail can be seen all over New Jersey’s beautiful towns including those of Westfield, Summit, Cranford, Fanwood, Short Hills, Princeton and Springfield.


Wonder who the masterminds behind this company are ? Look no further than creative partner, Scott McDarby. After working at a local hardware improvement store for many years, McDarby gained interest in making homes look beautiful and adding to their exquisite value. He quickly became a Job Site Manager in the hardwood floorig business where he was able to hone in on his many skill sets. Shortly thereafter, the world caught wind of his passion as he most notably appeared on the national television Man Cave’s (DIY Network) which included the reno project of Michael Strahan’s dressing room for LIVE! with Kelly & Michael.

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