5 Ways to Create your Dream Nursery

Creating a nursery is so much fun, especially if it is for your first child. When I created my first nursery, although I was so thrilled, I had no idea where to start. It felt like there was so much to do and I had no idea how to make it all happen. But, I pulled it off and I want to help you do the same. Here are a few ways that you can create your dream nursery (without getting stressed out):

Image of Nursery Furniture and Blanket.

Consider Your Space

First of all, you absolutely need to consider your space. What do you have room for? When it comes to creating a nursery (especially your first one), it is very important to crawl before you can walk, no pun intended. Make sure you are not getting too carried away with all of the crazy things that you see on Pinterest and instead, focus on what is practical. 

The first thing you need to consider, like I mentioned, is the amount of available space that you have. You do not want the room to look too cluttered, so you might have to cut back on some of the non-essentials and only choose essential items, such as a crib, a recliner or rocker, and a dresser/changing table.

My favorite way to help yourself out with this process is by creating a tentative floor plan. Draw a rough outline of the room and then pencil in each piece of furniture. Of course, sizing will probably be off, but this gives you a great start before you actually take the time to measure.

Choose A Color Palette

Next up: choose a color palette! This is a really fun part. Do you know that you are having a girl? Maybe you will go with a blush pink color, or periwinkle blue with a hint of purple in it. If you are having a boy, consider a gorgeous light blue color, or maybe an emerald green accent wall. There are so many colors to choose from and this just makes the process very real and fun. When you do choose a color palette, consider the nursery furniture, your flooring, and any ‘unchangeable’ items first. Then, you can choose all of the colors for the walls and decor options. My friend, Alex, chose to go with all neutrals: white, cream, and light beige, with just a few pops of light blush. I think that is a beautiful color palette for her first baby girl. Plus, it is simple enough to last a while.

Know Your Needs vs. Wants

Any first time mom or dad is going to go a little crazy and that is okay, but definitely take the time to consider what is a need and what is a want, or you will end up with a very cluttered room, which is not so great or practical and it will only make your life harder in the long run. Diapers? Obviously that is a need. Wipes? Same. A cute unicorn jumpy house? Uhhh… maybe that is not so practical, especially not for a newborn. You get the point! What is a need vs. a want is somewhat similar for everyone, but it is also based on what will make your life easier as a parent. There is no right or wrong way to parent and you just need to see what works best for you! 

Image of Baby Crib, Stuffed Animal and Hanging Mobile.

Buy Practical Furniture

My biggest recommendation for all moms and dads is to buy practical furniture. Sure, the best baby rocker out there that plays baby might sound appealing, but really think about it. Would you rather spend $1,000 on a baby rocker that you will only use a few times, or would you rather spend about the same amount on a beautiful recliner that you could use many times, in different places around your house? For me, I prefer the second option. When you are searching for that special piece of furniture, consider shopping at Sweet Home Stores, located in Clifton, New Jersey. They feature high end craftsman furniture at deep clearance level discounts in their furniture showroom, so you are able to get the best and lowest price possible on living room furniture, dining room sets, armchairs, loveseats, accents, and more.

Established in 2014, Sweet Home Stores has become a popular place for people looking for quality selections of not only affordable home decor and furniture, but stylish, as well. They are constantly running multiple promotions with affordable deals, they offer special financing, and their knowledgeable staff will help you find pieces that fits your home and your wallet.

Image of Home Sweet Stores – Logo.

Add Personalized Touches

Last but not least, add personalized touches. Have you picked out a name yet? Maybe consider adding it above her or his crib. Do you have a special blanket picked out? Maybe embroider his or her name on the blanket. This is not only a cute touch, but also a great keepsake to have in the future. There are so many ways to add personalized touches to a nursery and in my opinion, it is the best part, so have fun with it.

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