Don’t Forget Your Pets This Holiday Season

This post is sponsored by Tyson True Chews and all opinions are my own.


Tis’ The Season for holiday cheer. 

It’s easy to forget about our furry, four – legged friends during the busy holiday season.The most wonderful time of the year can also be the most hectic and stressful due to the abundance of holiday parties, family and friend obligations, shopping and gifting. 

It is so important that we remember to include our pets during this time of the year.Our furry pals can easily be incorporated into holiday traditions by giving them a special gift or a special treat. 

Our dog Denver, is a mixed breed (labrador – pit bull) rescue. He blessed our family with his presence 3 – 4 years ago when my husband opened up the front door of our apartment and he ran straight towards my feet. My life has not been the same since and Denver has very quickly grown into an integral role within our household. 

He was the cutest puppy who quickly grew into the most handsome dog. Denver’s admirable attributes seem to go on forever. He is friendly, playful, patient, loving, caring, fast, strong, protective and he truly is a sponge to emotions and personalities of the humans that he meets and interacts with each day. He has a great sense of people and will let you know right away with tail wags and/ or licks that he approves of you upon first meeting. 

Denver’s favorite things to do are listening to stories being read to his sister, going for walks, taking naps in the sunshine, eating up all of the crumbs dropped by his sister, running and wrestling with his dog friends in the Dog Parks, observing squirrels, playing in the snow, playing fetch with his favorite tennis ball, and trying to sneakily chew on various small stuffed animals. 

Two years ago, when we found out we would soon be welcoming a baby into our home – I was unsure how Denver would handle that transition. Or if he would be able to make that transition. I also did not know how I was going to handle taking care of both a child and a dog at the same time. The first few days home from the hospital were horrible. It was the dead of winter, my husband was in the thick of law school exams, I was alone without help from family and Denver’s face said it all. He was not used to the crying of a newborn and when she would cry he would sit in the corner and sulk with his ears behind his head. I quickly called my brother to come and get Denver and watch him for a few days until we got more settled in. My daughter was born on the 17th of December and Denver was not present with us and our family that Christmas. It felt very strange for him to not be there. 

My brother returned Denver to us a week or so later and things could not have gone better. That time apart, although short was needed for me to balance into Motherhood without the pressure of walking a dog round the clock. Denver has been with us every Christmas since and every winter I think about how much he stepped up to the plate since becoming a family of four and how big of a role he plays within our household, especially around the holidays.

Denver keeps us company on our good AND our bad days as well as reminding us daily that we are loved unconditionally and that is why this holiday season, we will be filling our pup’s stocking with an assortment of Tyson True Chews.

Happily Ky 2019 – Tyson True Chews
Happily Ky 2019 – Tyson True Chews

These treats will last him throughout the winter and will be a great reward for him after potty walks in the cold and snowy days. 

Tyson True Chews are all natural, have no fillers, and are made with real food – making them the perfect snack for your fur-baby. You can show your pampered pooch just how much you care by rewarding them with a True Chews snack. 

How do you reward your sweet buddy ? 

Why Choose Tyson True Chews ? 

  • Made and Sourced in the USA
  • Protein is the #1 Ingredient
  • All Natural
  • No Animal By – products
  • No Artificial Preservatives
  • No Corn, Wheat or Soy
  • No Red, Yellow, or Blue Dyes

Tyson True Chews are available for purchase at the following pet specialty retailers;

  • Petsmart (online and in-store)
  • Petco (online and in-store)
  • Various Small Independent Stores
Happily Ky 2019 – Tyson True Chews

Don’t forget your pet this holiday season ! 

Grab some Tyson True Chews and be sure to check them out on Instagram @TrueChews

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