Fun Things To Do To Escape The Cold

Brrr – it is getting really chilly up here! I am so ready for the Christmas festivities to start, but I miss being outside so much. The other day, I was sitting around my home and I just felt so bored. I cannot even imagine how my toddler feels – probably so cooped up. As the temperature keeps falling, I know that we will be stuck indoors more and more, so I wanted to come up with a good list of fun things to do to escape the cold. If you live in the North, then you will agree with me – it can be hard coming up with creative things to do that gets you going, but fear not: I am here to help! Here are a few ideas to help, just in case you are bored, as well:

Indoor Jump House

This one is for the whole family: go to an indoor jump house…at least I think that’s what it is called? You know what I am talking about, those places that have all of the blow-up jump houses, slides, and ball pits. Your kids will LOVE it, you will get their energy out (hello, nap time!!), and it will give you something to do. Do keep in mind, though: there are so many illnesses going around right now, so if you do go to one of these places, make sure you are constantly reminding your kids to keep their hands away from their faces while they are playing. Before you leave, make sure to wash your hands really well and then once you get home, I highly recommend changing clothes and washing hands again. You can never be too careful, especially around the holidays! If you have family coming in from out of town, this could be a fun way to spend a morning or afternoon.

Christmas Activities

Deck the halls, bake all the cookies, and have hot cocoa by a toasty fire. If you are stuck in your house due to the cold, take advantage of it. Turn up the Christmas tunes and get creative! You could make homemade paper snowflakes, make a popcorn garland for the tree, do a few Christmas crafts, make a gingerbread house, and have some fun! Get creative with this – there is no right or wrong here, so as long as you are having fun, you are achieving the goal! 

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Dance Lessons

Okay, mamas and dads, listen up! You need a date night or a date day and instead of doing the same old thing like going to dinner and a movie, why don’t you spice it up with some dance lessons from USA Ballroom?! Located in Red Bank, New Jersey, their studio is one of a kind. The staff at USA Ballroom have often danced for decades at the highest levels of competition and dance achievement, not only locally, but nationally, as well. This means that they have the experience to teach you the correct fundamentals. Don’t worry, though – they make it fun, giving you the flexibility to enjoy yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned dancer, or a beginner, they welcome you with open arms. The owners, Brian and TJ are committed to helping all of their students fall in love with dance – no matter if they are looking to make it a competitive sport or if they are just dancing recreationally.


They say, “We all live such busy lives. Dancing will be an outlet to not only learn something completely new, but forge lasting memories and experiences you can look back on for years to come, while simultaneously leaving burdens at the door and letting loose, getting lost in the moment of fun while having one heck of a work out.” I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a great date day or night to me! 

Travel Somewhere Warm

If you want to escape the cold completely, just going inside won’t cut it. Why don’t you travel somewhere warm?! Last year, my friend took a cruise to the Bahamas, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten. She had a blast and loved escaping the cold for a week. Right about now, that sounds perfect to me. Even if I just visited Florida for a few days, I think that would be a great way to escape the extreme cold weather up here and have a nice little vacation. 

Tropical Beach Scenery

Host A Dinner PartyLast but not least, I think hosting a dinner party with friends and/or family members would be so much fun! You could do something easy like a chili or soup recipe, or you could do something like a beef brisket. Whatever you choose to cook, just enjoy spending time with your people. That is what this season is all about! 

Dinner Party Scenery
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