5 Ways to Protect Your Children with Caregivers

If you are anything like me, when you first started looking for a babysitter or nanny for your kids – even if it was just for a date night here and there, you freaked. Having someone else other than yourself watch your kids can be very nerve wracking, as well. But, even though it is nerve wracking, it can be so great for you when it comes to your mental health. I have a friend that recently had a baby and she did not get out of the house by herself for over three months. She mentioned how she was not in the best headspace and I recommended that she hire a babysitter and get out of the house, no matter if it was just to work from a coffee shop, get a pedicure, or go on a longer day out like a spa day, or a short trip. Although your kids do need you, as a parent, it is also very good for them to socialize with others and get used to other people, too. So, it’s not just beneficial for you, it is also beneficial for them, as well. If you are considering hiring a caregiver or babysitter to help you out here and there, here are a few ways to protect your children with the caregivers that you will potentially use in the future: 

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Ask For Referrals

If you do not know where to start when it comes to searching for and finding babysitters, start with referrals. If you have mom friends, or if you are apart of any mom groups, start there. I also recommend posting in neighborhood groups, asking for recommendations. This is a great place to start, especially as a first-time mom, because the people who are giving you the referrals have most likely already had great experiences with the babysitter that you are looking into using. If you do not have any mom friends, or if you are not in any mom groups, try checking out sitter city or care.com. 

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The Interview Process

Once you find a few potential babysitters, the next step is to interview a few of them (or just one, if you really like one person specifically!). Make sure to ask all of the questions – such as if they are CPR and first-aid certified, if they have experience with the age group, what they like doing when babysitting (do they like going on walks, talking, singing, etc.?). Any questions that are on your mind – ask them! Make sure you also include information about you and your child/children so that they know what they are getting themselves into. Don’t forget to ask about their rate while you are at it! 

Check Out Their References

After you interview the potential caregiver that you want to go with and you get a few of their references, check those out. Sometimes, I actually like to ask for references before interviewing them in person because it prevents me from possibly wasting time. But, when you do check out their references make sure to ask not only if they had good experiences using the sitter, but also ask about how many times they used the sitter, how many kids they have, and if they currently use the sitter (and why they don’t, if not). 

A Background Check

Once you have a babysitter picked out, I highly recommend hiring a private investigator and running a background check on the sitter. This will ensure that you are fully covering your bases and will allow you to protect your children while you are not there. Bob Cowan with Cowan Investigations says, “Cases that will often require a background investigation include divorce-related investigations, alimony elimination investigations, child custody investigations, and more. Background investigations are essential when it comes to any New Jersey investigation conducted in order to protect the health, welfare and rights of children. Whatever type of NJ private investigation you need, you’ll want an experienced background investigator in New Jersey on the case, as it is a crucial aspect of any private investigation.” If you want most, if not all, of your fears to be eased, I highly recommend utilizing the free 30-minute consultation that Bob Cowan offers to see how a private investigator for background checks can help you. If you are searching for a private investigator for infidelity in NJ, someone to run background checks for you, or if you have another need for a private investigator, call Bob Cowan. He has close to 35 years of experience and was a former Chief of the Jersey City Police Department, so he definitely has the skill and experience that you need!

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Have A Trial Day

Last but not least, if everything checked out with all of the precautions that you took before hiring him/her, I highly recommend having a trial day, where you go to a local coffee shop to work and/or run errands close to your home. This way, you will be very close to your house just in case your babysitter needs you to come back for any reason. This is a great way for you to get used to her/him taking care of your babe(s) and also a great way for the caregiver to have a trial day without any long-term obligations.

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