How To Easily Sell Your Home

This post is sponsored by All In One Moving & Storage Inc., but as always the thoughts and opinions shared above are entirely my own.

If you are in the process of selling your home, or even thinking about potentially selling your home, there are a few things that you need to consider in order to easily sell it. A home does not just magically sell itself – it takes a lot of work. And, when you have a child, this can be time consuming, so I recommend doing this over time (if possible). Here are a few tips to easily sell your home:


Move Out First

I 100% recommend moving out before you try to sell. This way, you are able to look at the home with its bare bones exposed, in order to see what you should (and can) improve. When potentially buyers visit your home, they will love seeing it without furniture, artwork, and other photos displayed. This will help them to imagine the home with their own things (and people) in it instead of your stuff. If you cannot swing purchasing a new home before selling your old, consider storing your things and temporarily moving in with family until the house sells. All In One Moving & Storage, Inc. is an affordable NJ-based moving company that can help you with plenty of moving services – even packing and storage solutions. They are also known as being the most professional piano movers in NJ! They can help you when it comes to storing your furniture until you sell your home, and they also have plenty of other services such as:

  • “Full Packing Service: Our trained professionals pack it all – from shoes to the antique armoire.
  • Fragile-Only Packing: We pack all the breakable items – china, dishes, mirrors – and give you control of the rest.
  • Standard Self-Pack: You do the packing. We’ll give you tips and practices on how to pack efficiently, and our agents stock a range of packing materials.
  • Packing Materials: With a huge inventory of boxes of different shapes and sizes, we have specialty packing materials for all your possessions.
  • Loading and Unloading: From disassembly and reassembly to residence protection pads and carpet covers, we alleviate any concerns regarding damage.
  • Optional Services: Unpacking, Debris Removal, Storage, Crating, and more! Say the word and we’ll take care of it.”

All in One Moving was established in 2005 and since opening, they have been committed to each clients’ complete satisfaction during their entire moving process. Their goal is to help you achieve a stress-free move, however they can. One of the ways that they do this is by assigning you a personal relocation consultant. This person can help you determine your specific needs, ensuring that you have a stream-lined service throughout your entire moving process. “Your personal relocation consultant offers options to you while remaining within your budget, alleviating any concerns about hidden prices or fees. Clear explanations of costs are provided before your move, and our PriceLock guarantee protects your estimated total from additional costs. In instances where your rate comes in under the initial estimate, we honor the lower price with our Guaranteed Rate Reduction Pricing. Speak with us about our customized pricing structure for a combination of guaranteed and separate service costs.” If you are looking for the BEST New Jersey-based moving company, please call them at (201) 773-6960.

Utilize Social Media

Social media seems to play a huge role in pretty much everything these days. If you are looking to promote anything at all, social media is critical. Social media not only allows you to reach your inner circle of friends and family, but it also allows you to reach people outside of your inner circle when your friends and family share your posts. Utilizing websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can allow you to share the best pictures of your home with the world, and maybe reach that one person who it will be the perfect new home for. Post your home on Facebook groups (local – mom groups is always a good bet!) for extra attention.


Improve Your Landscaping

When buying a home, first impressions are key! If you have ever bought a home, think about how you reacted when you saw the houses you looked at for the first time. You most likely made some sort of a judgment based on the outside of the home, including the house itself, but also the yard and area around the home. Improving your landscaping should be on your to-do list to prepare your house to be sold. This can include tasks like planting flowers, adding fresh pine straw or wood chips to some areas, keeping your lawn freshly cut, and pulling weeds to make sure your yard looks nice and clean. This can make a surprisingly big impact on potential buyers’ overall impression of the house!

Fix Any Unsightly Problems

No one wants to buy a house that will fall apart as soon as they move in! One of the first things I always look for in a house are updates and fixes to potential problems (e.g., plumbing, air conditioning units, roof, flooring, etc.). Fixing any problems that are likely to occur will ensure potential buyers that they will be moving into a hassle-free home, and seeing the updates and renovations that have been done can give buyers comfort and encourage them to take the next step to buying your home. 


Be Patient

Last but not least, just be patient. Sometimes it takes time to sell a home and that is okay if you want to do it right. My parents rushed into buying and selling their home and they ended up losing a lot of money. Do not be these people! Instead of being in a rush, do your research on when to sell, improve your home, move your items out, and be patient. Your home WILL eventually sell after all that you’ve done. I promise!

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