Many people have been asking how to go about starting a blog.

Here is a brief rundown and a few things to consider prior to diving into your corner of the web.

Why are you starting a blog ?

Whether it be to monetize a current business, to advocate for racial equality or to use your voice to actively fight against racial injustice.

Your blogs purpose should be something that you are passionate about and should read as an authentic approach to whatever that may be.

No, blogging is not saturated. There is no “saturation” when it comes to using your voice to positively impact those around you.

What are you willing to invest into your blog ?

This can come in the form of money, time, research, and outsourcing costs.

The biggest question I get when asked “How do I start a blog” is usually relating to which platform to choose.

This is where purpose + investment will come into play.

The most common platforms used by my fellow blogging friends are Squarespace,, WIX, Weebly and Blogger.

The main difference between all of these are that some are free blogging sites and others are self-hosted.

Free blogging sites are quick, easy and cost effective ways to get your blog up and running. However, they come with a few downsides in terms of running ads and e-commerce capabilities. Take that into consideration when thinking where your blog will be long term.

Your domain name can be anything from your personal name, your business name, or a clever phrase / saying.

When selecting a theme – stick with something that matches your personal branding and is user friendly.

You can choose a free theme, purchase a premium theme ($) or even hire a web designer to fully customize a theme and web design for you ($-$$$$).

Blogging is not a get rick quick side hustle.

Mastering SEO-friendly content creation, keyword research and widget installation takes time and research.

There is always room for improvement within the world of blogging.

What platform do you use for your blog and why do you like it ? 👇🏼

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