As our country slowly begins to open up their business and try to shake off the pandemic, employers alike need to take operational steps to promote effective health and safety not only for themselves but for those around them. Be prepared to go into the office and be assured that although we are trying to go back into a new normal, many guidelines for employers are encouraged to implement new policies dealing with personal protective equipment, Covid-19 tests, temperature checks, and social distancing. Now more than ever, employers need to exercise some common sense before throwing their privacy rights out the window. Let’s talk about some sanitation and effective ideas that you’ll notice when returning to work.


  1. Temperature Check – There should be a separate area when you walk into your building to have your temperature read. This should be away from other employees for their privacy. Have a separate exit so that employees do not cross paths of other employees as well as finding out the outcome of someone else’s temperature check. If you need to take temperatures of your employees but you don’t have a room to do so, take social distancing to the extreme. Place tape 6 feet apart from one another ( about 4 or 5 spots if you can ) for employees to stand on and make sure that there is enough room so nobody can overhear the temperature results. Make sure to tell the employees of this new procedure and that their medical information is guaranteed to be confidential. 
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  1. Office Cleaning – One way to make sure everyone stays healthy is by having your office professionally cleaned. If you are looking in New Jersey, one business that is truly professional is called FDC Cleaning Solutions. This commercial office cleaning in Monmouth County gives you the confidence you need to keep employees healthy. They provide training for new employees that are interested in assisting as well, including every single one of their employees to provide the high-quality service you deserve. They are aware that cleanliness is critical to your business’s overall success which is why they are committed to only giving you the best experience and every time. When you need high-quality cleaning, especially with a company that has some of the latest industry technology and offers decades of experience, you know you can count on them to deliver. 


  1. Be Prepared – The biggest question people want to know is what happens if you do get sick, or if you’ve been exposed to the virus. Just because someone tests negative for the virus does not mean the employee will not acquire the virus at a later time. If an employee was present at a job site within 48 hours of testing positive, employers should follow the CDC’s cleaning and disinfecting guidelines. Cleaning staff should clean and disinfect all areas that are used by those employees, especially frequently touched surfaces. 


  1. Keep Electronics Clean – If you work in an office where you use a tablet, touchscreen, keyboard, or remote controls- consider having a wipeable cover. If there are no instructions for cleaning and disinfecting electronics, use an alcohol-based wipe or spray that has at least 70% alcohol and dry the surface thoroughly. Keep this around your employee’s desk areas, common spaces, and private rooms for people to use as needed. 


  1. Social Distancing – This is probably going to be one of the most difficult things for employees to get used too, especially if you work in a large building. Including six feet apart, also limit the number of occupants within the office or elevator ( stairs might be your best option ), requiring office doors to remain closed when occupied, closing lunch and break areas and restricting occupancy and spacing while working. Stagger arrival and departure times or work hours, limit one person to a vehicle, and close certain stalls or urinals in the restroom to create adequate distance between everyone. 


As everyone gets back to a new normal, the only thing we can do during this time is our best. Do your best to keep your mask on, wipe down your surfaces that you use daily in your office, bring paper or wipes with you when you go to the bathroom so you don’t need to touch everything with your fingertips, and stay 6 feet apart from your co-workers. This isn’t the time to share your views on why this is not going to work but try and do your best to see that everyone is doing what they can to make it as comfortable, clean, and enjoyable for everyone coming back to work in the office. 

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