5 Roofing Tips To Beat The Summer Heat

Is anyone else really excited that summer is officially here? With being stuck inside the last 3 months, I’m ready to stretch my wings and enjoy the outdoors. However, as the days continue, this summer the temperatures are predicted to reach above temperature! Living in the South, we’re used to the humidity but it can also be really dangerous for anyone who is out in the sun all day working. Those that do work outdoors, especially those that work in the roofing industry will need to take extra steps to stay cool. There are a few summer roofing safety measures they can use to assist them because you don’t want to have a heat stroke. 


  • Be Aware of Heat Symptoms – The main symptom of overheating is called a heatstroke. This is where your body reaches around 104 Fahrenheit which is too hot for you to do anything. If you don’t have a thermometer handy, look for other signs of heatstroke for yourself or coworkers. These can include flushed skin, changes in behavior such as slurred speech, lightheaded feelings or dizziness, a throbbing headache, vomiting, rapid breathing, or lack of sweat despite the heat. When you do see signs of this, immediately direct that person to the shade to cool off. Grab a few ice packs, a cool tub of water, a fan to midst with water, or any other method you can think of to get them cool but not cold quickly. Call 911 if you need help immediately. 


  • Check The Weather– It’s important if you are working outside to have a regular weather report to help you in deciding what to wear for the week and how the weather will be. On a sunny day, try to work around the sun. This means by getting your work started early in the morning before the sign gets too high in the sky. If at all possible, try to work on the west side of a roof at the beginning of the day and the east side during the later hours when the sun has changed positions. If there are any thunderstorms, make sure you have a quick and easy way to shut down for the day. Working in light ran can be a hazard and make the roof extremely slippery to work on. 


  • Use Caution Around Tools – If you’re getting to one of your job sites later in the day, be cautious of the tools and supplies around you. Shingle bundles could be in the sun for days or weeks before the installation takes place. If they aren’t place in shade, they may be extremely hot so wear gloves to handle them properly. Store them in the shade on the job site if you can. Similarly, if it just rained, the shingles could be too heavy to carry. Watch for water and avoid working on the roof in the rain. Direct sunlight can also soften asphalt shingles. Be mindful walking on them directly in the heat so wait for them to cool down if possible. Be also on the lookout for any tools that may have been left in the sun. These metal tools can also be extremely hot so use gloves to move them to a safer and shadier spot. 


  • Cool Down – While working in the sun, have a water break every 15 minutes, make sure everyone you are working with has enough water to drink, and remind your crew members to stay hydrated. Set an alarm on your phone if you need a reminder to take a drink, even on mild days. Dressing also plays a critical part in staying cool. Make sure to put on light-colored clothing that is loose-fitting. A hat with a brim is always important to keep the sun off your face and the sun out of your eyes. Ideally, putting on SPF 30 or higher is key. 


  • Roof Exposure – The roof gets direct sunlight so it can make working up there extremely hot. Take breaks throughout the day in the shade. Summer is also a great time to reduce the number of trips you make up onto a roof. Even measuring by hand to conduct an estimate can expose you to some extreme temperatures. The friendly staff at Peter’s Roofing Company know the importance of working in these intense temperatures, especially being on the east coast. These New Jersey roofers aim to install a high-quality residential roofing system and beat the heat in the process. They also realize that their customer’s time is extremely valuable so when you schedule a new roof installation, they do the inspection and complete the project in a very timely and safe manner. They expect the highest quality and the best value, which this company delivers every single time. They know the experience of several years and the knowledge, their team and roofers can meet those demands which is why they continue to ask for them time and time again. 


What are some other roofing tips you can think of that can help them beat the heat? As a homeowner, I always bring out extra water bottles, ice packs and ask how everyone is doing while they are working. I want to make sure they feel safe and secure while doing the best job they can for our family.

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