Kid’s Playroom Must Have

This post is sponsored by TazzToys, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

TazzToys Teepee Tents are made for kids by kids at heart. Designed to give your little ones a safe & fun place to let their imaginations run wild, the TazzToys teepee tent was independently lab-tested for a child safety certificate 0-12 by CPSIA, with 100% natural, non-toxic, unpainted cotton & tent poles with no chemicals or splinters and utilize sturdy pine & high quality connectors prevent slipping.

Children's Teepee Tent
Taylor Nicolle Photo, 2020

This breathable – allergy safe tent is a fantastic addition for bedrooms, play spaces, play rooms as well as temporary spaces such as living rooms, beach days and backyards. The tent can be easily broken down and transported in the hands free carry bag that is included with every tent purchase.

Kids are natural explorers. They are drawn to the things around them. If they spend time in a room filled with things that don’t facilitate learning, they won’t learn. You can fill a playroom with plenty of open-ended toys such as the TazzToys Teepee Tent that will allow for your kids to experiment and try new things.

What sets TazzToys teepee tent apart from it’s competitors is the following bonus features:

  • Two windows allowing for you to place the tent in any location and have easy visual of your children at play.
  • 100% Non Toxic Cotton Material
  • An attached waterproof base that is perfect for infants / toddler spills and potty training and allows for easy cleanup and protects carpets from accidental spills and keeps the base layer dry if placed outside on the grass or at the beach.
  • Four Pockets for toy / book / item storage.
  • Star Fairy Lights
  • Hands Free Carry Bag
  • Decorative Feathers
  • Exposed Wooden Poles made from Non Toxic Premium New Zealand Pine
  • Infant Safe Certification – Ages 0-12 Years – CPSIA

With the TazzToys teepee, your children can go wherever their imagination takes them – on a safari, camping in the woods, or on an adventure in their very own princess tent, all from the safety of your home or yard! Makes the perfect blank canvas for creative kids to customize it with paint, stickers, & other crafts! Great for keeping kids entertained for hours at birthdays, weddings, & events.

To children, play is serious business. It’s essential to the development of their intellectual, physical, and emotional health. From our perspective, play can look like silly fun, but to children play is how they experiment and observe the world. A teepee tent space is important because it gives kids a dedicated space to play without interfering with the rest of the home.

Each and every kids playhouse with careful attention to detail to ensure you get a tent outdoor & indoor that you can trust for years to come. Our tent has brought our family so much joy thus far. We have had it set up in the backyard, the living room, the kitchen and now it has found a home in my daughters room at the foot of her bed. We have deemed the area her reading and relaxation nook. The space allows for her to “escape” and have some time to herself with her dolls and toys.



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