5 Mistakes That Most Moms Make

First time mothers are bombarded with information about what they should do, buy, and expect from family, friends, Instagram scrolls and my favorite … Facebook Mom Groups. Tips and tricks seem to trickle in from every direction. However, many women enter into their journey as a first time mother relatively unprepared which often leads to confusion, stress and frustration.

Read for 5 Mistakes That Most Moms Make:

Not focusing on the moment

One thing that I’ve learned over my years of motherhood is that you absolutely need to focus on the moment and enjoy it as much as you can because it really does go by a lot faster than you think it will. I know that there are very hard moments, where you might wish that you could skip over that time completely. Breastfeeding moms – I know how hard night nursing is! BUT, hear me out. There will be a time months or years from now where you will look back on those “hard” moments with the fondest of fond memories. You will look back on those “hard” moments and you will want to experience them again because you didn’t really soak the moments in the first time around. So, if there is anything that you need to do during your journey of motherhood, make sure that you focus on the moments and soak them in. Before you know it, you will be past those hard phases and another hard phase will approach. You can find beauty in anything, so look for that, rather than the tough aspects.

Not figuring out your own passions

I know that so much of your motherhood experience will be focused on your kids and that is okay, but at the same time, you also need to focus on yourself and figure out what your own passions are. It is hard to think about, but one day, your kids will be all grown up and will have their own friends, their own interests, and they will eventually move out of your house and start a family of their own. Of course, you will still be involved, but you won’t be as hands-on involved as you probably are right now, understandably. This is why I think it’s very important for you to figure out your own passions so that 1) you are not forgetting who you are and you have something to do for yourself, but also 2) so that you are not lost once they do move out. Focusing on yourself is huge in motherhood and is so, so needed. It’s a big mistake if you do not figure out your own passions while mothering your children.

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Not paying off high-interest debt

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Not finding a tribe

It really does take a village to raise children. Although bringing up a child is one of the most amazing experiences that anyone can have, it can also be a pretty lonely experience for a lot of people. Having a group of people that are there for you and know what you are going through is so helpful. If there is anything that you take away from this article, take this away: find your tribe of people and lean on them when you need to. It’s okay to admit that you cannot do it all and they will understand, because they are in the same boat.

Not drinking enough water

Think you are drinking enough water? Think again. Really take a good look at your water intake and make sure that you are drinking enough water because if you are not, it’s a big mistake that most moms make. I get that it’s hard to find time to fill up your glass (consistently) and drink it while you are chasing around a toddler or a kid, or nursing your baby 24/7, but make time for it or else you will not be in tip top health for your babies.

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