Creating An Inviting Home for Easter

Spring weather is here and that means that Easter is coming up soon – oh shoot, it is this weekend! To me, Easter means a chance to invite family over and welcome them into my home. This means that creating a cozy, warm, and inviting home is essential so that everyone feels comfortable during the time they stay with you. Easter, and spring in general is a time to make your home feel fresh and new, so grab your gloves and soap, and get ready to do your spring cleaning! I love this list of things to spring clean because it includes spots that you do not normally think about, like your dishwasher, inside your cabinets, and even your windows. In addition to cleaning out your home, there are many other ways to make your home feel cozy and inviting for your guests with the addition of just a few things. Here are a few of my favorite ways to make your home feel inviting for all of your guests during this time of celebration! — 

Fresh Blooms

There are so many gorgeous fresh blooms that you can fill your home with! Some of my favorite spring flowers to include are Pansies, Yellow Trillium, Redbuds, Lilacs, Iris’, Daffodils, and Peonies. To save money, you could grow your own fresh spring blooms to include in your home. If you want to save even more money when you grow your own blooms, make sure you grow perennial flowers over annual flowers because then they will grow back every year without a lot of maintenance and work. Annuals, on the other hand are cheaper options to purchase, but you have to purchase them over and over again, each year. 

Spring Scents

Mrs. Meyers has a great peony scented cleaner and hand soap that is perfect for spring! You could also find lavender scented laundry soap, and body soap. The Mrs. Meyers cleaner smells up your entire home and the scent lasts for a good while, making your home smell clean and just like spring flowers! If you are against heavily scented sprays, you could try organic candles, or essential oils. Some of my favorite spring scents when it comes to candles are ocean breeze, bahama mama, and flower scents like lilac and rose. 

Fresh Food

To me, this is the highlight of family get togethers. It is so fun to plan a Spring, Easter meal because there are so many fresh ingredients during the springtime. Plan your meal based on the people that are coming over, and also the time of day it is. Make sure that everyone’s needs are taken care of, so add a few non-dairy options, vegetarian, or vegan options, if necessary. Some of my favorite spring ingredients to include in dishes are peas, strawberries, ham, asparagus, and green beans. 

Inviting Lighting

If you are having an Easter dinner, make sure to add enough lighting so guests can see what they are doing, especially if you are having an outdoor Easter egg hunt, which can be so much fun! A few unique ways to add more lighting to your exterior is upgrading you sconces, adding tiki torches (it’s a bonus if it’s filled with mosquito repelling oil), and maybe even start a fire pit if it’s chilly out. This is a great way to warm up, cook up some fun smores, and add lighting to the outside of your home.

Easter Festivities

This is the best part of any family gathering, especially Easter! For kids, you can do an Easter egg hunt, like I mentioned above, and fill up Easter egg baskets. One of my favorite fancy additions to an Easter gathering is hiring an Easter bunny, or having someone dress up as the Easter bunny. Kids love this and it can be a great way to get some pictures. 

An Updated Exterior

If you are having an easter egg hunt outside, or if you are spending a lot of time outside this spring and summer, make sure your landscaping and hardscaping is updated! Sabba’s Landscaping, based out of Monmouth County can help you with that! They are a Monmouth County hardscaping and landscaping company and they are the best in the area! They are experts when it comes to landscaping, patio pavers, and fencing for residential and commercial properties. They focus on customer service, quality work, and reliability. Plus, they offer affordable, reasonable pricing! With amazing reviews and a mission to serve their clients to the best of their ability, you are guaranteed to get the best care when working with Sabba’s Landscaping. If you have a project in mind, all you need to do is reach out to them. They say, “Our experienced specialists are available to assist you with all of your property needs. We have a specialized program that provides a 3D image of your designed landscape. Also, we have various fertilizing, seeding and maintenance packages for your property and budget needs.” You can reach out to them here:

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