Keeping Your Family Safe This Spring

Spring is a reminder for many of us to work on some essential maintenance tasks that we are eager to get started on. What better time to think about a few of these items to do in and outside of your home but also, think of a way to make your home safe and more secure while you are cleaning and organizing around your home. It might not be pleasant to think about but no matter how safe your neighborhood is, your home is never immune to any risk that might occur. It’s also not immune for thieves to break in and if they do, not only could pose a huge risk of damage on your property but also steal your precious belongings as well. However, it’s best to do your best to minimize these risks the best you can. Below are a few tips to keep your family safe this spring and allow you to sleep better at night. 

Image: Tech Services of NJ
  1. Install A Home Security System: If you haven’t already purchased one of these for your home, now is the time to consider installing one. Some systems can be very comprehensive while others might include a more intense procedure. Some systems also include doorbell cameras, internet connectivity, automatic lines to the police and alarms for every local fire, police or hospital at your disposale. Ther are soem systems that require a bit more extensive help but just to be sure you are installing your system correctly, it would be wise to call in the professionals to do it right the first time. Tech Services of NJ are a company to help you do that! They can properly install these alarms with the help of an alarm technician in NJ who knows a two or thing about properly place these alarms. They are some of the most excellent field management resources, and silled technicians available. You can also feel comfortable knowing your home is both secure from intruders all year long. 
  1. Keep The Home Exterior In Good Condtion: While it’s easy to clean the inside of your home during the warm weather, you also want to make sure that the outside is looking it’s best too. The upkeep shows that someone lives there, cares about their property and takes owning a home seriously. For thieves, it might also be likely for them to break in if they believe that someone is home too. 
  1. Incase Security Around Your Basement/ Windows: Change the locks as needed for your home. To help secure your windows, add screens as another added measure for thieves to not come in. You could also add screen jammers or any other items to limite someone attempting to open your window or basemenet windows as well. 
  1. Add Automatic Lighting All Around Your Home: I personally love adding lighting around the home for a welcoming feel for neighbors and friends but not to welcome intruders. Use timers on certain interior lights which can come on when nobody is home. This can also give the impression to someone who is looking to break into your home that someone might be there even though nobody is. Also, use motion sensor lighting outside of your home as well. This can illuminate when something is passing them and also alert you or a dog if someone is nearby. 
  1. Get To Know Neighbors: Being in a global pandemic can make it challenging to really get to know your neighbors right now but if you do live near people you trust, they can also keep an eye out on your home when you are gone and vs versa. They also can alert you to any potential danger they are seeing whether it’s near you or in the neighborhood as a whole. Having neighbors you trust can make a big difference when you might need something or have an emergency as well. 

Of course, you don’t want to forget about quality insurance too. Having this policy can help you repair any damage or replace any lost property following if you have a break in. Both are there to ensure that they can give you a small peace of mind and be instrumental in helping if something were to happen. Lastly, I encourage you to take into consideration and reap the benefits of getting a proper security system installed in your home. 

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