Things They Don’t Teach You In School

Teachers have the potential to make a huge impact on a child’s life. Think back on your education: I bet you have at least one (probably more) teachers that made an impression on you…and you probably still think about them from time to time, think about what they taught you, or still have contact with them. In a typical school day, a child spends more time in class than at home. These are their most developmental years, when they are soaking in tons of information at a quick rate. While a lot of great information is taught, a lot of valuable lessons are also not taught. Things that can help them at home, in their future careers, and throughout their life. While a lot of these things can be taught at home, not all parents invest that time and effort into their kids (or truly just do not think to teach these topics), so I think that the best way that students can get information is through schools. Here are a few things they don’t teach you in school…but should!

How to negotiate

Negotiating is an important skill to learn that will go with you throughout so many different life stages. A lot of people are scared to negotiate, or do not know how to negotiate, which is fine…but it means that they also won’t get the best deal on a lot of things (like a home or car purchase). If kids were taught how to properly negotiate, I believe that they would have higher paying jobs (that they enjoy more), and would pay less on bills each month. Learning the simple skill of negotiation can be extremely beneficial in life!

How to manage your finances and make investments

I think this is one of the most important things that a person can learn…and most of the time, we are not taught any of it in school. Your school might briefly go over how to balance a checkbook, but 9 times out of 10, they skip that too. Sure, a lot of the things they teach in school are very important and will go with you throughout life, but not teaching how to manage your finances and make investments is a mistake, I believe. At the end of the day, the way that people survive is by being able to afford food on the table and a roof over your head. Without knowing something about finances (and I’m talking about even the most basic principles of finance like budgeting and saving), you cannot do that. 

Mental health

In a time where so many people struggle with mental health issues, I think that it is really unfortunate that schools do not teach more about mental health and what we can do on a daily basis to make sure that we are doing okay. Even teaching basics like “exercise is important for mental health. The benefits are this, this, and this,” can be huge for kids who are going through such stressful life changes rapidly. Setting individuals up with the basics and knowledge of how to improve and keep up with mental health can be an amazing step in the right direction in this country!

Home EC

Home EC used to be a thing, but for whatever reason, they phased it out. Learning things like basic repairs, cooking, and other homemaking skills is extremely important! Let’s take a look at these below:

Basic repairs – how many people know how to change a tire, replace a toilet, or troubleshoot a broken dishwasher? Probably not many people anymore. Things are just automatically hired out now, which trust me – I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing all the time, but if you could do more yourself (if you had the time), you could potentially save a lot of money and headaches.

Cooking – Fast food and delivery foods are so easy to get nowadays. It almost feels like people choose to get delivery and fast food before deciding to cook because it is easier, faster, and it doesn’t kill them. I think this is a two part reason: 1) people do not know how to cook anymore and home cooked meals are not valued and 2) we live in a society where eating as quickly as possible is needed, in order to get back to work. We need to make a shift, and I truly think that this starts with our schools, teaching us how to make a proper meal.

Other homemaking skills – Other homemaking skills are definitely needed, as well, and should be taught in school. Things like gardening and sewing are so beneficial to know how to do, but just like cooking, many people do not value spending time in a garden, or in front of a sewing machine anymore. Is this because they do not know how to, or because they do not have time?

Focusing on what you are good at

While learning skills such as cooking and cleaning is important, I do also believe that schools should teach kids that learning these skills is not an end all, be all. It is also very important to focus on what you are good at, because you could waste a lot of time and effort (+ money) not doing so. For example, in a big life transition such as moving, if you are not capable of lifting heavy furniture like washers and dryers and beds, or if you just simply do not have the time, you could give the job to the professionals, and spend your time doing something that you are better at, enjoy more, or need to do. For example, moving is a huge one. There are times when you need to throw in the towel (when trying to do something yourself) and just say that you need help from professionals like Consider it Moving. They are Long Island commercial movers and residential movers ready to help where they can. They offer efficient services, affordable pricing, and peace of mind!

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